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President Donald Trump has moved swiftly to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat and questioned her dying wish. ABC
VOA VIEW: Liberal idiots.
Many American workers applying for unemployment benefits after being thrown out of a job by the coronavirus face a new complication: States’ efforts to prevent fraud have delayed or disrupted their payments ABC
VOA VIEW: The liberals have no clue.
First US airline launches COVID-19 pilot testing program ABC


Vice President Mike Pence defended Donald Trump's decision to hold rallies at which COVID-19 guidelines were ignored. ABC
VOA VIEW: It showed that Biden is considered weak by hiding in his basement.
As a contender for the Supreme Court nomination, Judge Amy Coney Barrett's affiliation with a small, Charismatic Christian community in Indiana has drawn fresh attention. ABC
VOA VIEW: Religion should not be considered in any nomination.
The announcement represents an about-face for the company, which has previously said it would not fact-check political ads made by presidential candidates. CBS
VOA VIEW: Facebook cannot be trusted.
It's the latest move to amend a 24-year-old law that shields social media companies from most lawsuits. CBS
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The National Medical Association says African Americans don't trust the government when it comes to deadly virus. CBS
VOA VIEW: The race issue unjustly grow more and more.
The celebration will feature a group of in-person honorees who will reflect the "themes, challenges and inspirations of 2020." CBS


President Trump has touted $5 billion fund dedicated to teaching "real history" of the U.S. CBS
House Democrats could move to vote on the new coronavirus stimulus proposal as soon as next week. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Too much money.
Biden's support hints that his victory could mean more progressive policies than those of other Democratic administrations. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is very progressive and would not be able to deliver, if the won.
While the polling gap might favor Biden over Trump, it's the Electoral College, not the popular vote, that will decide the race. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is behind in the polls.

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Facebook on Thursday outlined its new set of rules for employee communications within Workplace, the company's internal social network. CNBC
Facebook said Thursday it had identified and shut down a network of fake accounts that included fictitious personas it said were tied to Russian military intelligence. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN is providing guesswork.
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and city officials have publicly denounced an event scheduled to be held in the Oregon city on Saturday by alt-right and White nationalist groups. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Foolish leftwing trash.


The Justice Department announced it has charged more than 300 people with crimes committed “under the guise” of peaceful demonstrations since the end of May. FOX News

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September 24, 2020

     Expect return fire when one shoots at police.   Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, planned a date night: dinner at a steakhouse, followed by a movie in bed. Usually, they headed to his apartment, where he lived alone and she had left a toothbrush and a flat iron. But that night, they went to the small unit she shared with her younger sister, who was away on a trip. It was dark when the couple pulled into the parking lot, then closed the door to Apartment 4 behind them. She fell asleep next to him just after midnight on March 13, the movie still playing.

     From the parking lot, undercover officers surveilling Ms. Taylor’s apartment before a drug raid saw only the blue glow of the television. When they punched in the door, the police identified themselves. They had a valid and legitimate warrant, they did not do a "no nock" entry.  Mr. Walker reached for his gun and let off one shot, wounding an officer. He and another officer returned fire, while a third began shooting through Ms. Taylor’s window and patio door. Ms. Taylor was struck six times.  There was no racial issue. Although Ms. Taylor had no criminal record and was never the target of an inquiry, Mr. Glover’s frequent run-ins with the police entangled her. She had been interviewed in a murder inquiry, and paid or arranged bail for him and his associates.

     Breonna Taylor has since become an icon, her silhouette a symbol of police violence and racial injustice. Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris spoke her name during their speeches at the Democratic convention. Oprah Winfrey ceded the cover of her magazine for the first time to feature the young Black woman, and paid for billboards with her image across Louisville. Beyoncé called for the three white officers who opened fire to be criminally charged. N.B.A. stars including LeBron James devoted postgame interviews to keeping her name in the news.  Unfortunately, Taylor was in the wrong place, with the wrong man.

     In Louisville, demonstrators have led nightly protests downtown, where most government buildings and many businesses are now boarded up. As outrage mounted, the city fired one of the officers, pushed out the police chief and passed “Breonna’s Law,” banning “no-knock” warrants, which allow the police to burst into people’s homes without warning. Protesters say that is not enough.  The mother received $12M from the city.

     Nearly six months after Ms. Taylor’s killing, the story of what happened that night — and what came before and after — remains largely untold. Unlike the death of George Floyd, which was captured on video as a white police officer in Minneapolis knelt on his neck, Ms. Taylor’s final moments remain in shadow because no such footage exists.

     It will be difficult for Kentucky prosecutors to build a case against former Louisville police officer Brett Hankinson after he was indicted in connection to the drug raid that led to the death of Breonna Taylor,  former Washingont D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams told “Bill Hemmer Reports" Wednesday.